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Strategic Partnerships

Your Concept. Our Capabilities.
Strategic Partnerships

Alignment with Industry Leaders Ensure the Best Solution for Your Patients

RxCrossroads facilitates Strategic Partnerships to ensure the most comprehensive solutions are offered to the healthcare market.  We leverage IT solutions from technology companies on the cutting-edge of healthcare automation to provide streamlined process and unique engagement opportunities.  Our willingness to engage with strategic partners illustrates our focus on best serving our manufacturer partners and maintaining a collaborative approach to program design. We view our success only by the greater brand loyalty, higher customer satisfaction, and faster speed to therapy that you realize.

Leverage our Strategic Partnership services with one of the following models:

Model One

The first model enhances our existing program designs by leveraging IT solutions from technology companies to provide more strategic/streamlined, automated processes that facilitate faster speed to therapy.  Patient cases are handled more efficiently yet with a higher-level of quality. Smart technology automates enrollment, reimbursement, eligibility determination, and adherence scheduling so that resources can be redirected to more value-add, personalized assistance to patient and physicians.

Model Two

The second model completes your own in-house solution by leveraging our core infrastructure to round-out your concept and ensure its successful introduction to the market.  Using any combination of our brand support, call center, pharmacy, clinical, and/or logistic services; we provide you with scalable strength, excellence, and expertise which can seamlessly integrate with your solution.

Connect to the Partner Who Connects with Your Patients.

Our business focuses on developing trusted relationships with your prescribers and patients through delivery of individualized support. Call us today to find out how we can help, 800.918.3252.

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