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Custom Pharmacy Solutions

Your Brand. Our Pharmacy.
Custom Pharmacy Solutions

Direct-to-Patient Dispense from our Program Pharmacy

Our in-house program pharmacy allows us to facilitate a controlled channel for dispensing both commercial and consigned specialty products directly to patients. With a focus on our manufacturer partners’ brand needs, we commit to fill prescriptions as written. We leverage our large-scale automated mail-order pharmacy, clinical support team, and pharmacy call center to support PAP, bridge supply, free trial, drug replacement, dose modification, and REMS requirement programs.

Unique Models

Retail Select: Retail Reinvented.
Our controlled channel model addresses every challenge a specialty-like product may face in the retail setting and provides innovative solutions to enhance the customer experience and lead to higher prescription fill rates. We call it Retail Reinvented. Example services include:

  • Designated advocate identifies viable coverage options and ensures Rx dispense
  • Rx delivery to home followed by ongoing clinical support and education
  • Comprehensive data sets and manufacturer engagement with patients through use of opt-in programs


  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) - consigned
  • Retail Select (alternate specialty lite) - commercial
  • Dose Modification
  • Replacement Program
  • Clinical Trial
  • Starter Program
  • 24/7 Pharmacist Availability
  • Adherence & Compliance
  • Side Effect Management
  • Refill Reminders
  • Product and Device Training
  • REMS Support


Dispensed annually and directly to patients through our program pharmacy



Prescription fills than at a retail counter



Average turnaround for prescription dispense

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Our business focuses on developing trusted relationships with your prescribers and patients through delivery of individualized support. Call us today to find out how we can help, 800.918.3252.

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