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Brand Support

Better Access. Better Results.
Brand Support

Advocating for Your Patients, Your Physicians, and Your Therapies

We work on your behalf to proactively solve anticipated barriers so your patients and providers experience only the benefits of your product.

Our patient care advocates are the critical differentiator in developing brand loyalty leading to increased overall market share. Our brand support models are designed with a highly-trained single point of contact for each patient and physician to provide individualized support, to foster the development of trusted relationships, and to ensure consistency throughout the course of therapy.

We proudly offer the following brand support services:

  • Various enrollment options via phone, fax, portal or app, including patient welcome calls
  • Reimbursement services such as benefit investigations, prior authorizations, billing and coding support, and appeals
  • Financial Assistance including copay assistance, patient assistance program (PAP), alternate funding, travel cost assistance
  • Clinical support offerings such as nurse coordination for in-home administration, injection training, lab coordination, adherence and compliance, health assessments, appointment reminders, REMS support
  • Pharmacy locator for dispensing
Unique Models

Biosmilar Advantage
Branded-level access for biosimilar products with a focus on reducing overall healthcare costs.

  • Education and support prepare stakeholders for biosimilar adoption
  • Adaptable strategies satisfy unique patient needs
  • Smart technology ensures cost-effective solutions on par with brand

Digital Solutions
Strategic use of technology that automates labor-intensive processes while leveraging CRM technology to better support tailored patient interactions.  The result is right-fit solutions providing the highest value to your patients.

  • Enrollment: eSignature; self-enrollment via portal/app
  • Reimbursement: Electronic Benefit Investigation (eBI), Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)
  • Financial Assistance: Electronic Eligibility Check (eEC), Electronic Validation of Income (eVI), including electronic receipt of tax forms, Electronic Health Record,  and eCoupon
  • Engagement: Intelligent Virtual Health Assistant (IVHA)
  • Reporting: Comprehensive data aggregation


  • Benefit Investigations
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Billing & Coding Support
  • Appeals
  • Copay Assistance
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)
  • Nurse Coordination for In-home Administration
  • Injection Training
  • Adherence & Compliance
  • Health Assessments
  • Appointment Reminders
  • REMS Support
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